The Yoga Studio in Magnolia

The Yoga Studio in Magnolia was opened in 2001 by Lee Atwell who wanted to create a peaceful sanctuary for Magnolia and nearby communities to delve deeply into the classical practices of yoga – a place for all to feel welcome and to derive the many benefits of yoga. From the 33rd Street location’s beginning, to the beautiful new location on Government Way which features cork flooring, radiant infrared heat, and renewable and reclaimed wood materials, the Yoga Studio has been ‘green’, from selecting eco-friendly materials to burning bees wax candles that emit no harmful emissions, using recycled paper towels in the bathrooms, yoga mats that are eco friendly, cleaning products that are non-environmentally harming, using recycled paper – tissues, toilet paper and business paper, as well as recycling paper and plastic garbage. We run a air purifier / ionizer all night and whenever the studio is empty to keep the air clean of allergens.

We hope that you will enjoy and be inspired by our decision to be ‘green’ – and when you take your next deep, full yogic breath in our studio know that the air you are breathing is non-toxic.

What is Green Yoga?

As yoga practitioners, we may wonder how to expand our yoga practice into other aspects of our lives. The Green Yoga Association, whose motto is “Practice Lightly on the Earth”, identifies concern for the wellbeing of the earth as a crucial component of our practice. Green Yoga is based on the idea that in seeking yoga or union, we must recognize the interconnectedness of all beings, nurturing the good health of our planet as much as we care for own bodies. As the health of the earth is being compromised by the decisions we make as individuals, it is our responsibility to make environmentally friendly and sustainable choices.