Lee Atwell, Owner

After teaching yoga for several years in Magnolia, Lee wanted to provide a peaceful sanctuary close to home for students to practice, so she opened the studio in 2001.

Yoga and spending time in nature have been threads of peace and centering throughout Lee’s life from the time she was a child. Her classes, workshops, and international retreats reflect her unbounded love of the natural world and focus on getting in touch with our interconnectedness with all things 

Brooke Zwerner, Owner

Brooke began to practice yoga with his guru, Baba Hari Dass, more than 30 years ago. Brooke’s classes involve instruction in asana, pranayama and meditation … 

Yuko Enomoto

Yuko has been a student and a teacher at the yoga studio for many years. She began practicing yoga over 20 years ago for the tremendous physical benefits, but like countless practitioners before her, she has come to appreciate the emotional and spiritual gifts of the practice 

Cindy Jaffe

Cindy discovered yoga in 2010 during a corporate layoff that left her pondering her selfidentity after 20+ year career in the retail fashion world. “I looked in the mirror one day at did not recognize the person staring back at me.” Cindy started doing yoga to re-establish a physical connection to her body (lose weight) and recognized the immense value of her practice to her emotional and spiritual self. Yoga became her “sanity”

Evelina Miropolsky

Evelina was introduced to yoga in 2012. What began as an attempt to soothe her spirit in a time of loss and uncertainty has since evolved into a well of ongoing inspiration, growth, and connectedness to herself. She believes that practicing yoga is a primer for healing and maintaining wellness, and finds deep fulfillment and joy in sharing this with her students 

Ginger Griffis

After an early childhood introduction to yoga practice from her mom, Ginger rediscovered yoga after moving to Seattle in 1998 and has been hooked ever since.  During her 200-hour certification training at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, Ginger continued to develop her personal style of yoga, approaching it as a holistic endeavor, incorporating intention-setting, spiritual connection, focus on the lines of energy through the body 

Kirsten Bergstrom

Kirsten is enthusiastic about the power of yoga to help people of all abilities discover their innate strength and wisdom. As a mother of two and a sailor, Kirsten finds yoga a welcome companion. Kirsten took her first yoga classes in the late 90s as way to build physical strength and mental focus for her other passion, sailboat racing, and found a treasure trove of vitality and serenity 

Seanna Browder

Seanna first came to yoga, for physical reasons—to stretch out tight muscles, relieve shoulder and neck pain, and find some repose. She discovered yoga is so much more, it is a path to transformation. She loves being both student and teacher, and considers yoga a lifelong endeavor 

Catherine Keating

I am a mother of two, a writer, a teacher, and a firm believer in finding times and ways to connect to my inner quiet so to allow intuition to guide my way. I have been practicing yoga for twenty years, the last 13 here at the studio. In 2007 I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Lee and Brooke, and have since earned a 20 hour restorative training, and Level One Yoga for Fertility certification