What Class is Right for Me?
Choose a class level appropriate to your experience and a time that works well with your schedule so yoga can become a regular part of your lifestyle. Yoga can become a lifelong enhancement to the quality of your life.

• Vinyasa Intro / Beginner
• Vinyasa I
• Vinyasa II
• Restorative Yoga
• Private Yoga Instruction
• Seniors Yoga with Chairs
• Open Level

Workshops & Yoga Retreats
We regularly offer workshops and retreat getaway weekends that focus more in depth upon the various aspects of yoga – a great opportunity to delve deeper into your understanding of yoga.
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About Our Practice
Welcome to The Yoga Studio in Magnolia! Whether you are a beginning student or an experienced practitioner of yoga, you are welcome to join our classes at any time. The Yoga Studio has offered ancient practices for modern times – yoga classes, retreats, and events to our Magnolia community since 2001. Our instruction is grounded in the classical teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga. We teach and practice vinyasa style asana (postures), classical pranayama, and meditation. We’d love to have you join us! Namaste!

The Yoga Studio owners, Lee and Brooke, teach many of the classes and together have many decades of Yoga experience. Along with other dedicated Yoga teachers at The Yoga Studio, Lee and Brooke enjoy sharing their deep knowledge of Yoga practices with you!

“When body, breath, and mind work together in harmony to achieve a spiritual goal, that is Yoga… Yoga is not a physical exercise. It is finding yourself within yourself…” Baba Hari Dass

Vinyasa Intro / Beginner
This class is for those who have never practiced yoga before, or feel they need a refresher. Join us to discover how yoga can facilitate optimal health and wellbeing. Learn the basics of yoga including posture alignment, breathing practices, and meditation and how these components can deepen your experience of integrating body, mind and spirit.

Vinyasa I
For those newer to yoga, this class begins with pranayama, then moves into flow sequences followed by a guided relaxation – a moving meditation from beginning to end, all meant to enliven and inspire your inner self.

Vinyasa II
Building on Vinyasa I, poses are woven together in an energetic, balanced synchronicity, that strengthens the body and mind while awakening the spirit. Come prepared to cultivate your full potential and actualize strength you may not think you have. Backbends and inversions will be taught and practiced regularly. Look forward to working hard, sweating and experiencing the increased energy flow.

Restorative Yoga
Let the previous week melt away in this rejuvenating class designed to ease stress, release deep muscle tension, and revitalize your energy. After a brief warm up, we will focus on prop-supported poses that will facilitate deeper stretches and let gravity and prana do the work. Each pose will be held for approximately ten minutes, allowing the body to settle and stretch, while increasing the flow of vital energy. Although seemingly simple, the class will leave you feeling both completely relaxed and physically re-energized, ready to take on the coming week with a light heart and rejuvenated body.

Private Yoga Instruction
Personalized instruction is a great opportunity to deepen your practice, to work specifically on a particular area of focus, or to have a home practice created just for you. 1⁄2 hour or 1 hour sessions are available.

If you are interested in working privately with a teacher at the studio, please feel free to send us an email at info@theyogastudioinmagnolia.com.

Seniors Yoga with Chairs
Attainable yoga for those with some physical limitations. Learn joyful stretches to keep muscles flexible and joints lubricated, and poses that will help maintain strength and balance. We will do seated postures on chairs.

Open Level
Open Level classes are appropriate for students of all levels who have some experience with yoga. The flow of the class will depend on those present, and the instructor may offer modifications for students with less experience as well as more challenging options for advanced students.